SOAP Questions and Answers

Mention the advantages of SOAP?

Advantage of SOAP is that

  • It is a platform independent and language independent
  • SOAP de-couples the encoding and communications protocol from the runtime environment
  • Web service can obtain or receive a SOAP payload from a remote service, and the platform information of the source are entirely unrelated
  • Anything can generate an XML, from Perl scripts to C++ code to J2EE app servers
  • To send and receive messages it uses XML
  • It uses standard internet HTTP protocol
  • SOAP runs over HTTP; it eradicates firewall problems.  When using protocol  HTTP as the protocol binding, an RPC call maps automatically to an HTTP request and an RPC response maps to an HTTP response
  • Compared to RMI, CORBA and DCOM SOAP is very simple
  • A protocol for moving information in a distributed and decentralized environment
  • SOAP is the transport protocol independent and can be availed in co-ordination with a variety of protocols
  • It is the vendor neutral