VSAM Questions and Answers

What are the optional parameters to the input dataset While loading the empty cluster with the data records?

1) FROMADDRESS(address)
2) TOADDRESS(address) where ‘address’ specifies the RBA value of the key of the input record.
4)TONUMBER (rrn) where ‘rrn’ specifies the relative record number of the RRDS record
5) FROMKEY (key)
6) TOKEY (key) where ‘key’ specifies the key of the input record
7) SKIP (number)
8) COUNT (number) where ‘number’ specifies the number of records to skip or copy Ex: REPRO INFILE(DD1) OUTFILE(DD2) SKIP(9000) COUNT(700)-Skips the first 9000 records and begin copying at 9001 and copies 700 records from DD1 to DD2.